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Elevate your offerings with French classes at your facility :

Peinture pour enfants
Kid Painting_edited_edited.png

In-school program

French Tutor in Miami

I am able to provide curriculum and teaching materials that can seamlessly integrate into your school's regular programming.

My in-school program provides a comprehensive learning experience to private schools through one hour of instruction per week during regular school hours. The program is designed to accommodate students from PreK 3 to elementary, regardless of their learning level, including gifted and special needs students. The curriculum is tailored to each class's age group and specific educational needs and can be structured for trimester or yearly delivery.

Les enfants de l'école
Kids in Preschool_edited.jpg

After-school program

Education doesn't have to end when the school bell rings. Kids can have fun exploring French through after-school programs. Across the country, research shows that students who engage in extracurricular activities not only perform better academically but also have a lower risk of getting into trouble off-campus. My focus is on offering children programs that promote their overall well-being and help them grow into fulfilled individuals.

For PreK 3 to 5th grade students, my program is typically scheduled for 45-60 minute weekly sessions, available in quarters, trimesters, or as needed, and can be tailored to fit your school's current programming calendar.

Pierres à peindre

French Day camps at your facility : 

I will come to your facility to lead activities conducted in French, during breaks. This will provide an immersive experience for the students, enhancing their language skills through engaging and interactive activities tailored to their learning levels. 

Proud to collaborate with these esteemed schools : 

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French Tutor in Miami

Are you a school interested in integrating French classes as an enrichment program? 

French Tutor in Miami

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